Saturday, October 5, 2013

Best Pelargoniums.

The genus Pelargonium includes well over two hundred species. The majority of them ( over 80%) are found in southern Africa, and on my recent trip I was lucky enough to see a number that were in bloom. Of these, my favourites were  P. incrassatum, growing in great profusion among rocky banks at the side of the road; and in Namaqualand, P. sericifolium had just come into bloom with viola-like flowers standing tall against beautifully serrated foliage.  On a hike in Gifberg I came across P. magenteum  with masses of magenta flowers with darker marking on each petal. I saw P. triste everywhere throughout my travels, but it wasn't until the last day at the Darling Wild Flower Reserve that I saw a large colony with a huge variation in colour and markings. I could do a post on P. triste alone, there was so much attractive variety of flower, but for the moment, I have included an image of my favourite.
Pelargonium incrassatum.

Pelargonium sericifolium.

Pelargonium magenteum.

Pelargonium triste.
A sign on the genus Pelargonium at Kistenbosch Botanic Garden in Cape Town.


Amy said...

I would love to see more P. triste. The picture you selected is beautiful!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Amy,

You're right! Will do!

Caerulean Skies said...

These are amongst some of the most beautiful Pelargonium species of the genera

Barry Parker said...

Hi Erika,

Weren't we lucky to have seen them?