Wednesday, March 5, 2014

With a Little Persuasion.

Usually by this time of year, my witch-hazel ( Hamamelis x intermedia 'Jelena') has been in bloom for weeks. As early as January, given a warm day, it will burst into bloom and close up again when the weather turns chilly again. 
This year, the brutally cold Winter has held it in check, and even now in the first week of March it still sits waiting for a moment of warm air and sunshine.  Today I decided to treat myself to a little preview and cut a few branches and brought them into the kitchen, where they opened up in the course of an hour.


LauraH said...

Very hopeful even if you had to cheat a little. They say 2 or 3C with sun on Friday and Saturday so you might get something happening outside as well.

Paul Jung said...


sometimes you have to force the tissue, if you pardon my pun!

My Arnold Promise is withholding his promise until temperatures rise above zero.

What a winter!

linda coombs said...

To think I called our winter in Portland " brutal " well it was for us, but my tiny H Primavera is still blooming. Hope it warmed up for you !